Music Theater and Dance

The other day, I went to HY's concert held at Sabae City Cultural Center.


(The photo is from HY official web site)


HY is a band that was formed with classmates and friends from childhood in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture. The band name HY came from the first letters of their community "Higashi Yakena".


In the middle of their concert, they did a comedy sketch wearing a high school uniform. It was so funny and fun, also they acted very well.


The members of HY still live in Okinawa. They say that their music comes from the sound of the sea, the wind and the local life in Okinawa. They also do a voluntary beach cleanup activity there. Seeing their concert, I felt that the members get along so well and trust each other.


After the concert, they took a photo with the audience.
(The photo is from HY's official blog)


By the way, I happened to see a popular YouTuber Kazu in Fukui and talked to him.
He said, "My wife is a big fan of HY. I haven't been HY's concert for a while, so I am excited."
He was friendly as I see him on YouTube. (H.S)


HY PV "Place Back Home” (2'00")


Places to visit

It's getting cold these days and it is obvious that winter has finally arrived in Japan. In Fukui, it usually become very cold and we have so much snow in Fukui every winter. Therefore, many of us visit the hot spring resort in Fukui called Awara.


There are about 30 hot spring hotels in the resort and some of their hot springs are opened to the public.


Without staying at the hotels, the visitors can take bath 3 times at any hot springs you'd like that join Awara Hot Spring Ryokan Union with one "Yumeguri-tegata" pass.


I have used the "Yumeguri-tegata" pass several times, and I enjoyed the different hot spring water. It's interesting to experience that every hot spring has different texture, smell and color. I've learned so much about the hot spring by using the pass.


panphlet of yumeguri pass finishing

Unfortunately, the "Yumeguri-tegata" pass will be discontinued on December 20th, 2018 and the service will be ended on April 25th, 2019 which means that if you buy the pass now, you must use it by April 25th, 2019.


After finishing their service, they haven't decided if they take visitors only for their hot springs.
They might open the hot springs only to their staying guests.


"Ashiyu" (foot-bath) will continue so the visitors can still relax there.
If you have a chance to come to Fukui, how about visiting Awara and relax there?





This is the video of Charlotte from Australia experienced a foot-bath at "Ashiyu", which is located near Awara-Yunomachi Station in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture. It is free of charge and anyone can enjoy.



Random Thoughts


I took out all the contents from my bag, Sacoche made by Morino Canvas in Japan. I bought this small bag in January of 2017, so it has been almost two years since then.


Although I thought once or twice about buying a so-called business bag for commuting, I don't have to worry wherever I go, as long as I can carry the stuffs shown above.


So I have been using it after all.



The other day, I went to Kyoto again. I didn't have much time to do sightseeing but I was able to visit only the Shinsen-en Temple.


The Shinsen-en Temple is close to Nijo-jo Castle. I didn't know about the history of the temple, but it was a garden for the emperor, which was created in the year 794.


Also, it is a popular photo spot now, so people came one after another and they were taking photos. It seems that their "Goshuin" (stamps given at shrines or temples) is popular and there were several people lining up to get it.


I recognized the depth of Kyoto that such a temple that you can walk in off the street and not so large has a long history. (H.S)


It is believed that your wish will be fulfilled if you cross the bridge.


Graceful houseboat


Viewing the Heian hall from the bridge


Former emperors enjoyed boating on this quiet pond.


In the precinct, there is a shrine that it is said it protects visitors.


The actors of a Japanese film visited here and prayed for its hit on the bridge.
The Shinsen-en Temple is known as the birthplace of cherry-blossom viewing.
Also, it is said to be the birthplace of Gion Festival.


There are several options for "Goshuin". I chose this one "Shizuka Gozen", who was the lifelong lover of Yoshitsune (a military commander).


Places to visit

the illumination in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture

I visited Tsuruga Port in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture to see the illumination "Miraie".

"Miraie" means "to the future" in Japanese.



the illumination in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture
the illumination in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture

The venue that is right in front of the sea, the whole area is decorated by many colorful

light bulbs and it looks stunning. Moreover, there is the sound of waves as well,

so the visitors can feel as if you are in a completely different world.



the illumination in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture

My favorite one is the tunnel of illumination. It looks fantastic,

and walking under the tunnel is such an amazing experience.



the illumination in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture
the illumination in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture

After walking through the tunnel, there are more illuminations to see such as

heart shaped ones, train one, etc.



the illumination in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture

There are also the illumination hanging that were made by children from the local area.

Of course, they are handmade and each one has their names on them.



Tsuruga Port Illumination "Miraie (To the Future)" is being held until December 25th.
The lighting time of the illumination is from 18:00~21:00 during weekdays and Sundays.
It's from 18:00~22:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.


If you are near Tsuruga City, how about visiting the Tsuruga Port Illumination "Miraie"?
It's cold at night around the venue, so make sure to wear something warm.




I would like share video of "DYC entertainment",

"Tsruga Port Illumination Miraie 2015

~One of the largest illumination in the Hokuriku region~".



Random Thoughts

Above is the cloud I saw when I climbed Mt.Nogo-hakusan between Fukui and Gifu Prefectures the other day. I took the picture because it looked like a white seal. Even though I know that clouds are water drops, I am impressed by their shapes, like they are cute, beautiful or amazing.


There were explanatory plates of the Nukumi Fault Groove in the middle of the climbing path of the mountain. Although I thought it was just a dried-up stream when I saw the groove, I could see the dynamic landscape like the whole mountain is moving after reading the commentary.


It is interesting to be impressed whether it is an emotional perspective or a scientific one. 



After I enjoyed the afternoon tea at Chorakukan, I went to Bishamon-do Temple in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City.


In Kyoto, it was a bit too early to view autumn leaves. Even so, I wanted to avoid crowded spots and I visited a little-known temple.


The Bishamon-do Temple is about twenty minutes walk from Yamashina Station. It was a sloping road from halfway, so it was a bit hard to walk. After walking through a resident area, passing by a canal and you will see the front approach of the Bishamon-do Temple.


The Bishamon-do Temple is well-known for its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.
Also, there is plenty to see such as the sliding screen paintings, the ceiling painting
and the wooden screen painting by Okyo Maruyama. It was good that the priest of the temple showed us around and explained them.


Yamashina is a short distance away from the center of Kyoto City and there are not so many tourists. There are several famous spots to see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. If you want to avoid congestion, Yamashina is recommended. (H.S)


The autumn leaves in the garden


The autumn leaves in front of Benzaiten


The site of a well and the autumn leaves


Looking down at the steep stone steps from Niomon Gate


The carpet of fallen maple leaves is famous and has used for a Japan Railway's commercial.
I couldn't see this but it can be seen now.
(This photo is from Bishamon-do Facebook page)


I got a "Goshuin" (stamps given at shrines or temples) with a maple leaf pattern.


Charms of Japan

beautiful sky

I took a walk along a farm road in Awara City.



farm road that is about 20 minutes away from JR Awara Station in Fukui Prefecture

It was a twenty minute train ride from Fukui to Awara. From the Awara Station,

it was a walk of approximately twenty minutes to the farm area. Since it's not so far

from Fukui City, so it was a nice day trip.



rice fields and moutains

Fukui City is surrounded by beautiful nature and the farm road I went

had so much more nature than it does in the Fukui City and it was refreshing to see it.



flowers and Japanese pampas grasses moving gently in the breeze

It was in the beginning of autumn and such a beautiful day. It was soothing to see some

flowers and Japanese pampas grasses moving gently in the breeze. I saw rows of beautiful

mountains over these flowers and grasses. The area was very quiet but it was nice to

hear bell-ringing crickets, the sound of a few cars passing by and the distant sound of

trains running. I felt nostalgic seeing the scenery and hearing these sounds.



persimmon farm
persimmon farm

I saw large persimmon farms. There were many ripe persimmons that were ready

to be shipped out to the whole country.



a farm road surrounded by mountains

If you have a chance, how about taking a walk around one of farm roads near you?

I'm sure you can feel relaxed.





This is the book "Technique to unify team mind" , which she showed me at the practice place of JETS.
Lower left hand is Ms. Igarashi's.


When I visited the practice place of JETS, Ms.Igarashi recommended the book "Technique to unify team mind" to me. JETS is a well-known cheerleader club of Fukui Commercial High School, and Ms. Igarashi is the head coach of the club.
Not only did she and JETS members read it, but they also participated in a workshop by its author, Mr. Yusuke Murata.
I think Ms. Igarashi herself could write a book about teamwork because she's already had enough achievements.
At any rate, I was impressed with a glimpse of her efforts.
So I ordered the book immediately after I got home and received it yesterday.


The figure of teamwork pyramid was put on the wall in the practice place.




I went to the Chorakukan to enjoy afternoon tea after Kyoto Sate Guest House, where I posted about it on our blog the other day.


The Chorakukan was built by a businessman Kichibe Murai in 1909 as a guest house for guests from home and abroad. The building and its household equipments are designated as a tangible cultural asset by Kyoto City. Currently, it is used as a restaurant, cafe, hotel and a place for wedding.


The afternoon tea starts with sparkling wine. You can choose soft drinks. And, you have various choices for tea. I chose Dimbula, which is Sri Lankan tea. It has a mild flavor and I enjoyed the true taste of tea.


You can have a quiet moment as if times stands still, which is completely different from gaiety in Maruyama Park and the adjacent Yasaka-jinja Shrine. The Afternoon tea is so popular, so you should make a reservation in advance. (H.S)


The historical appearance of the Chorakukan


Inside the cafe


Afternoon tea set: Cooked sweets, fruits, scones, herb sticks with duck meat, sandwiches etc.


Lovely tea pots


There are several such rooms on the second floor.


A photo taken from the landing