Musikfest NARA 2017


Music Theater and Dance

The Musicfest NARA is a music festival which has been held in Nara Prefecture in every June since 2012. This year, it was held from June 10th to 25th, and now it has become a seasonal tradition of June in Nara. During the festival, there are always some concerts of different genres of music from inside and outside Japan, mainly classical music every day.
They are held at shrines and temples where include world heritages which Nara is proud of,
art museums and halls.


Among those concerts, I have come to Nara with the aim of seeing “Songs and entertainment of Okinawa” concerts, which have been held on the third weekend since 2014.


It is an open-air free concert, and held in Kasugano-enchi, where is located in the back of Nara Park and has view of Mt. Wakakusa. Although it’s free, great musicians come on the stage every year. They are all irresistible musicians for Okinawan music fans.


And this year, Kazufumi Miyazawa, who was a member of former THE BOOM, appeared
and gave an amazing performance such as “Shimauta” and “Shinkanuchaa”. In nature surrounded by greenery, it was really great and I trembled all over with the performance. Also, it brought the audiences together.


I admire Nara Prefecture that they hold such substantial free concerts every year. (H.S) 


Male duo D-51. They sing their greatest hit “NO MORE CRY” After all, it’s a good song!
(The photo is from Musikfest NARA 2017 official website)


Happy people who are dancing in a dance area at the back
(The photo is from Musikfest NARA 2017 official website)    


The second day was “Sanshin Day” and some people brought their own sanshin.
and they played together.
(The photo is from Musikfest NARA 2017 official website)    


People are dancing Kachaashii(Okinawan dance)in their own way, in front of the stage.
(The photo is from Musikfest NARA 2017 official website)  


Relaxed fawn with its mother deer. It’s nice to see mother and child any time.


At the same time, Oktoberfest originated from Germany is held in the Nara Park.
It seems that performances on the stage there were also warmed up.