The 37th Mikuni Fireworks Festival -One of the largest fireworks display in the Hokuriku region of Japan!- -Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival in Fukui 2017, Part 3-



At Sunset Beach, Mikuni, Japan, every August 11th there will be a splendid display of fireworks. I finally went to the Mikuni Fireworks Festival for the first time in approximately 20 years.


The fireworks shot directly off the water were amazing.

As I introduced in our previous blog that approximately 10,000 of water fireworks, 1-shaku-dama (round fireworks with a circumference of about 12-inch/30cm shells) fireworks which create an illumination 12,598-inch / 320 meters in diameter on the ocean, 2-shaku-dama (round fireworks with a circumference of about 24-inchi/60cm shells) fireworks which crate an illumination 17,716-inch / 450meters in diameter on the ocean and several other kinds of fireworks were shot off. For about one hour, the fireworks light up the sky splendidly.


The festival-goers watching the fireworks were amazed by such a powerful sound of the fireworks and the various kinds of colorful fireworks.


Since I viewed the Mikuni Fireworks display about 20 years ago, I always wanted to go view it again. Because the train and the road for Mikuni, and the venue gets very crowded, so I never went back there since I went there 20 years.


This year, I was lucky that a friend of mine from Mikuni area took me there and viewed the fireworks with me. Of course, the local people know many things that people from outside of the area know and it always makes things a lot more fun and exciting.


Stay tuned for the next blog for Mikuni Fireworks Festival!!


If you have a chance to visit the Mikuni Fireworks Festival, please enjoy it!

Official Website for Mikuni Fireworks:The 37th Mikuni Fireworks

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