Local food of Fukui I had during my Bon holiday



Although it’s September already, I would like to write about local food I had during my Bon holiday in mid-August. I think that many people went out for dinner with the whole family
during the Bon holidays. I also went out for dinner with family in a soba and tempura restaurant near my house. Here are some local food of Fukui they served. (H.S)


“Dengaku of Yoshikawa eggplant”
Originally, Yoshikawa eggplants used to grow in Yoshikawa district, Sabae City.
Yoshikawa eggplants are big and round, which have 1,400 years of history.
According to one estimate, it is thought that they are an origin of Kamo eggplants in Kyoto.


“Deep-fried tofu of Fukui”
It is a regular item in Fukui.
I often have it in the refrigerator too.
In Fukui, “Deep-fried tofu of Takeda” is popular but I still remember the taste
of the deep-fried tofu of a tofu shop where was next door to my house when I was a child.


“Thick new buckwheat noodles made from 100% buckwheat flour with grated radish”
Normally, buckwheat is harvested in autumn, so summer new buckwheat noodles are rare.


“White peach sherbet”
It’s a dessert. Although I don’t think the peach is from Fukui, the topping of
buckwheat berries is like a buckwheat noodles restaurant.