The 37th Mikuni Fireworks Festival -One of the largest fireworks display in the Hokuriku region of Japan!- -Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival in Fukui 2017, Part 4-



As I introduced in our previous blog about Mikuni Fireworks Festival that a friend of mine from Mikuni area took me to the fireworks festival. We went by a car from Fukui City to Mikuni.


First, we took the quickest and the shortest route that only local people know.

And then, we parked the car at an area where only the local people know and it was very close to the venue.


One of the good points of the Mikuni Fireworks Festival is the location of venue. It is at the beach in a small portal town of Fukui called Mikuni where there are no tall buildings. Therefore, even while we were walking toward the venue (beach side), we got to enjoy viewing the fireworks feeling the nice breeze from the ocean.


The road in front of the venue was kept completely free of cars and it was full of festival-goers.
There were also some food stands there and many people were lined for those stands.


As soon as we arrived at the venue, we found the best space where we were able to view the fireworks clearly and comfortably. The fireworks festival was already begun, so we could not go to the beach because there were no spaces for even one person. We viewed it from behind the beach. According to the friend of mine from Mikuni area, if anyone want to view it from the beach, it is the best to be at the beach from the morning and hold the space.



Here's the video I took at Mikuni Fireworks Festival this year. Please enjoy it!


If you have a chance to visit the Mikuni Fireworks Festival, please enjoy it!

Official Website for Mikuni Fireworks:The 37th Mikuni Fireworks

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