Restaurant that you can enjoy Russian food in Fukui City “Soupya”



As autumn deepens, I think you miss hot meals.
And I went to the Russian restaurant “Soupya” for the first time in a long time.
Probably, it is the only restaurant which serves authentic Russian dishes in Fukui City.
I think “Soupya” was located originally in a shopping street close to Katamachi and then
moved to the present residential area located on a hill. Even since then, it has been quite
some time so you might say it is a long-established restaurant.


Now I arrived at the restaurant, when I was parking my car, presumed its owner
came out and guided to park. It was quite dark already and my car has no back monitor,
so it was thoughtful.


When I looked at the menu outside the door, I decided B course. Because it includes
borscht, piroshki and gryby!


I was guided to a table beside the window and had a quiet meal looking taillights of cars go by below. And I thought that there were few restaurants such a location in Fukui.
Recently, the number of cafes along the Echizen Coast have increased but restaurants and bars along a river like in Kyoto or with the evening view, or a stream of cars as a part of view are still few.


So, how about making riverside summer terrace on the Asuwa River bank?
Or, how about inviting Starbucks at the foot of Saiwai Bridge like Sanjo-ohashi Bridge in Kyoto? Things unrelated to Russia popped into my head while eating ;) (H.S)


The exterior of the Soupya


Ornaments in the entrance hall


Inside the Soupya


There were Cheburashka, Putin and Medvedev on the rear wall of my table.


Start with borscht. Sour cream adds deep taste.


Freshly fried piroshki was soft and delicious.
Put mayonnaise or ketchup as desired.


Main gryby. You can choose fillings out of several kinds.
I chose cheese and mushrooms.


Dessert and chai. Russian tea is thought to put jam in tea but in fact, Russian people put jam in the mouth first and have tea, the owner told me.