Handmade pouch present


Life in Fukui

The other day I received a handmade pouch present from a friend of mine.
I am very happy when I get a handmade present.
She has been taken by handicraft recently and enjoys making various items.
The pouch looks easy to put things, so I think it’s good for travel.
For me, who is a cat-friendly person, the cloth is with a cat pattern.
I like the color too.


Well, what should I put in it?
Just thinking about it makes me fun.
She said that it was quite difficult to sew the cloth into the clasp but it was the beautiful finish.
I have done knitting for a little bit but I have not done handicrafts at all so I really admire her.
I would like to try handicrafts sometime. (H.S)


Inside cloth is good too.


The yellow one is for another friend.
The red one is for herself.