“Bunna, come down from the tree” written by Tsutomu Mizukami




Although people think “Bunna” is a children’s book, I think that adults also should read it. When Mizukami was alive, he used to say “If there are novels go down to posterity among my books, they will be only ‘Starvation Strait’ and ‘Bunna’.”


Mizukami reportedly wanted to think about war and peace in the world with mothers and children by writing this book. He also wrote “In this world, all living things and they can live equally under the sun. But this world is where the weak are the victims of the strong. I believe that the horrible, sad and beautiful things that Bunna experienced on the tree make children think and develop to establish self in life.”


In fact, the top of the tree Bunna climbed looked like a paradise first was a food storage for kites.


Bunna’s mother said. “Doing good to others is okay. But you must use good judgement for the other. Some people override good intensions.” Her such words, cruelty of human children and miserable small animals bullied by children or bigger animals tell you inner strength to live.


If you have young children and want to read them something, I recommend “Bunna”.
When you read it, I am sure that you enter into the world of Bunna. (H.S)