Recommendation of coffee shop in Fukui City “cafe notes”


Life in Fukui

After the New Year’s party which I wrote on our blog the other day, we usually go to
a coffee shop next door. In fact, it is a famous one among coffee-loving people in Fukui City.


Inside the shop, it has a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.
So you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with the aromatic smell.


In this shop, you can choose the type of coffee beans for coffee you ordered and also
the type of drip. For example, if you order Brazilian coffee, you can choose coffee beans among Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon and Natural etc. and among Old Karita, Chemex and
AeroPress for drip. In Fukui, there aren’t many coffee shops which offer such customized service.


I ordered “Coffee of the day”.
It served with Belgian Lotus Biscuit “Biscoff”. (H.S)


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