Heavy snow in Fukui City for the first time in 37 years



Last week, Fukui City had recorded 147 cm of snow, which was the first time to exceed 130 cm since 1981. I am sure that many of you have known about many cars got stuck in the snow and public transportation was halted as reported by news.


Although today’s society values AI and robot technology etc., I was filled with a feeling of helplessness watching the snow falling. However, seeing members of the Self-Defense Forces removing snow hard and cooperative neighbors, I thought people’s power is amazing.


And, I will write down how I felt about the heavy snow this time as follows.


1.People in Fukui try to drive cars in the snow because they are used to it. So the prefecture’s government should officially instruct not to drive cars.
2.The prefecture, companies and individuals always have to prepare, just in case.
3. “ Heavy snow warning” should be conveyed more quickly, broadly and certainly.
4. The hot line for SOS should be increased because there are life-threatening situations.
5. In winter, people should keep gasoline, heating oil and food.
6. Developing melting-equipment which works even in heavy snow. For household use,
the government should provide subsidies.
7. Promoting underground transportation system, underpasses, underground mall and underground parking lots.
8. Promoting remote work (work from home).


Applying lessons from this heavy snow, I wish Fukui Prefecture will be able to deal with heavy snow.


The backyard last week. There also was drift of snow, so I felt it was more than 147 cm.