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Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins

Echizen, present Fukui Prefecture was ruled by Asakura clan during Warring States period until they were defeated by Nobunaga ODA. The residential castle of the Asakura clan was called Ichijodani-jo castle because it was located along Ichijodani River, a branch of Asuwa River.


The shogun family Ashikaga clan at that time, counted on the Asakura clan and the Asakura clan had become an important family. But Asakura clan gradually deepened the political confrontation between Nobunaga ODA, who intended to unite all of Japan and had grown in strength rapidbly. And, the Asakura clan fell into an unfavorable situation after they were defeated by ODA in the Battle of Anegawa which they fought with Azai clan in Omi. Then, finally, they were destroyed by ODA in 1573.


After that, Yoshitsugu Maeba, who took the side of ODA, entered the castle but he failed to govern and was killed by an uprising. So, Katsuie SHIBATA, a chief vassal of Oda clan, was sent to Echizen but he lived in Kitanosho, where is currently center of Fukui City and Ichijodani fell into ruin and it was buried in the fields gradually.


Excavation of the ruins began in 1967 and a garden, streets, samurai residences and mounds which Asakura clan built were excavated and restored. Those are designated as
a special national historic site and a special scenic beauty of the nation because they have historical value that they still remain castle town’s scenery of the Warring State period in near-perfect condition.

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