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Echizen Pottery 

Traditional Echizen potteries


Echizen pottery is one of the “Six Old Kilns of Japan”, which has an old history and has been produced since about 800 years ago (the end of Heian Period). More than 200 old kilns have been found so far. In these large-scale old kilns, daily use wares were produced such as earthware pots, crocks, mortars, sake bottles and dye pots for tooth blackening (old Japanese cosmetic treatment), which are a reminder of its prosperity of the time.
These potteries with no pretense have folksy beauty with warm soil and ash glaze.
The tradition has been continued today and loved by many people.
(photos from Fukui Photo Gallery)


Traditional method “nejitate (coiling) technique”
Potter forms while going around a fixed vessel.


Modern Echizen potteries


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