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Mt. Hakusan viewed from Mt. Akausagi


A priest Taicho in the Nara Period, was born in present-day Sanjuhassha, Fukui City in 682. Since his childhood, he has accumulated ascetic practices in the mountains in Fukui including Mt. Ochi, and he achieved enlightenment. After that, he was active in the ancient capital. Then, he prayed to end smallpox epidemic throughout Japan, and it actually ended in 737, so he was granted the highest rank of Buddhist priest and given an honorific title "Taicho". Taicho is associated with many mountains, and it is said that he opened Echizen Five Mountains.


[Echizen Five Mountains]
Mt. Monju (365m)
Mt.Yoshigatake (Mt. Zao) (547m)
Mt. Ochi (613m)
Mt. Hino (795m)
Mt. Hakusan (2702m)


Mt. Hakusan is located in Ishikawa Prefecture, but in 717, when the mountain was opened, Ishikawa Prefecture was a part of Echizen Province. Even after that, Heisenji Hakusan Shrine (Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture) had been possessed the mountain, which means that Mt. Hakusan was the territory of Echizen Province until the Mt. Hakusan merged into Ishikawa Prefecture. In 2017, various events were held in commemoration of 1,300 years of the anniversary of the opening the Mt. Hakusan.


The nine-story pagoda located in Mt. Ochi Otani Temple has been considered as a grave of Taicho.

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