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Guinea pigs in Mt. Asuwa, Fukui City 

There is a mountain called Mt. Asuwa, which is only 116 meters high near the center of Fukui City and popular with the city’s residents for hydrangeas and a walking trail throughout the year.
I went to see the guinea pigs in the small zoo in Mt.Asuwa after so long, and I found
an expanded space newly built so that you can feed them there. Also, the layout has changed and now they are kept with rabbits.


guinea pigs in Mt.Asuwa
The guinea pigs which have gathered when they knew someone came.

rabbits in Mt.Asuwa
Also, there are rabbits in the same house but they hardly came out.


Although Mt.Asuwa Amusement Park is admission free, they have 40 different kinds of animals such as mammals, birds and reptiles, so it’s worth seeing even if it’s a small zoo. Also, there is a small athletic facility there, so it’s a good place to go with children.
On that day too, nursery school children had come with teachers.
It looks nice as a walking course for exercise because it was built on a steep ground.


The nursery school children who are playing at the athletic facility.


     Although they don’t appear in the video, here are some of other animals.

red kangaroos in Mt.Asuwa
Red kangaroos

Mandarin duck in Mt. Asuwa
Mandarin duck

monkeys in Mt.Asuwa
There were baby monkeys.

parrots in Mt.Asuwa
Although it was early afternoon, a parrot was saying “Good morning” :)



Mt. Asuwa Amusement Park
(April 1st to October 31st) 9:30 - 16:45
(November 1st to March 31st) 9:30 - 16:00
Closed : Every Monday
Closed for winter : From December 29th to the last day of February
Admission Free


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