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Visiting an aquarium and the sea for the first time-Bhutanese family in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture



I visited the Aquarium and the sea in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture with Mr. Ugyen Dorji’s family. Mr. Ugyen Dorji has been studying at University of Fukui as a teacher trainee from Bhutan since around October of 2017.



Mr. Ugyen Dorji's wife, son and a sister are watching a dolphin show for the first time and they look amazed by the show

Mr. Ugyen Dorji’s family had never seen the sea before and it was the first time for them to see it. The aquarium is right in front of the sea, so they enjoyed seeing the cute sea animals at the aquarium and the beautiful sea at the same time.



His son loves fish, and he continued looking at the fish in front of a tank

His son is only 2 years old, and his favorite thing in the world is fish. As soon as he walked into the aquarium, he was very excited to see all the fish in a large tank. He kept staring at the fish right in front of the large tank.


He is so little and shy, so I didn’t hear his voice much. But at the aquarium, I heard him saying some words clearly and happily such as “fish” and “wow”. He looked amazed by the fish and the large tank.



Mr.Ugyen Dorji's sister is standing in front of jellyfish tanks

At the aquarium, there are beautiful jelly fish as well. I asked them how they call the jelly fish in Bhutan (Dzongkha). They said that there is no sea in Bhutan and of course they don’t have jelly fish, so they don’t know the name of it in Bhutan (Dzongkha).



Mr. Ugyen Dorji's family is touching a small shark
they looked surprised after touching the small shark for the first time

One of the buildings at the aquarium, visitors can touch the sea animals.
They nervously touched a shark, they said that its skin was rough.



Mr. Ugyen Dorji's son is standing in front of a large dolphin tank

In front of the large tank for dolphins, you can see the cute dolphins swimming beautifully. Not only children can enjoy seeing them, but adults can also enjoy it as well surely.



Mr. Ugyen Doji's sister is standing on a rock by the sea

His sister had seen the sea three times in India.

She said that the sea in Fukui is clean and beautiful.



Mr. Ugyen Dorji's wife is looking, touching and smelling the sea for the first time in her life

His wife touched the sea for the first time.

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