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Dolphin show at Echizen Matsushima Aquarium in Fukui Prefecture

two dolphins are juming high over the swimming pool
one dolphin is jumping high over the swimming pool

Echizen Matsushima Aquarium in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture is located right in front of the sea. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and an amazing dolphin show performed by cute dolphins at the same time.


When we visited the aquarium (April 22nd, 2018), there were 3 bottlenose dolphins, Labo, Aries and Gemini performed the dolphin show.



as dolphin breathed out, it made a ring in the water
cute zoomed-up images of the dolphin’s face
a dolphin looks like it's relaxing by floating in the water

Labo was born at this aquarium and his father is Gemini. Gemini came to the aquarium 29 years ago as a baby dolphin. They don’t know the date of Gemini’s birthday.



one dolphin is jumping very high and touching a rubber ball with its flukes

They look very cute, I can never imagine how they can swim so fast with the cute appearance and they can even jump very high!



a dolphin is showing its body on the stage

Dolphins use their flukes which are attached to their bodies sideways. They move the flukes up and down to swim at a speed of 40 kilometers an hour and jump high.

The way of the dolphins swim is called “Dolphin Kick”.



a dolphin is touching a staff

They shake hands with staff.

The dolphins and the staff are great friends.



a dolphin is getting some rewards from the staff

When they show any movements, they get treats from the staff.

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