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Walking event ”Find winter in a village forest” held by Sakaguchi Eco Museum on February 2nd, 2019

I participated in the walking event held by Sakaguchi Eco Museum "Find winter in a village forest" on February 2nd, 2019.


In Sakaguchi District, they are working on farming loaches that feed storks, protected species, and growing organic rice without the use of chemical fertilizers.


We had a record light snowfall this winter, so we didn't actually need the snowshoes. At any rate, I enjoyed peaceful landscape of the village forest while listening to a volunteer's explanation.


Landscape of the village forest including the watering rice field that filled
with water even in winter to increase birds and water creatures.


The participants shoulder the snowshoes that they made in the making experience held in the morning.


We saw the footprints of deers, wild boars and raccoons.


The gathering spot: Echizen City Eco Village Exchange Center


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