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Places to see in Ono City | Hongan Shozu Itoyo-no-Sato Museum

The Hongan Shozu was constructed to use as a drinking water source of the castle town of Ono Castle in Warring States Period. The Hongan Shozu has been designated as a national natural treasure as the habitat of three-spined stickleback, which is cold-water fish. You can enjoy learning about biology and environment of creatures including three-spined stickleback. You can watch directly the three-spined stickleback swimming in the observation corner of the Hongan Shozu Itoyo-no-Sato Museum.


The Hongan Shozu


The appearance of the Itoyo-no-Sato Museum


Inside ot the Itoyo-no-Sato Museum


The three-spined stickleback swimming in the Hongan Shozu


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