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Aiming a village where storks fly [PR for Fukui]

There are many people who work very hard to protect the rich nature in Fukui Prefecture. Today, we will introduce an activity of the Shirayama district in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture to aim a village where storks can live comfortably.


In December, 2011, there were storks which came from Hyogo Prefecture to Fukui, "Fukkun" and "Sacchan". Unfortunately, the eggs laid by Sacchan were unfertilized.

This year, Fukui received 3 fertilized eggs from "Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork" and let Fukkun and Sacchan brood parasite in which they kept the 3 eggs warm. Finally, a baby stork was born safely.


In Shirayama district, Echizen City, after the storks came to their town, the local people watch over them every day. This year, the local people have come together and improved their activity to protect the baby storks from visitors, other birds and animals to aim the environment where baby storks can grow safely.


In Echizen City, to maintain the environment for the storks to live comfortably, not by just watching over the storks, they also conduct a farming method of making the storks to return to the village. They try not to use agrochemical or chemical fertilizer and they try to expand the huyumizu-tanbo (Winter flooded rice field).


These are the people who work very hard with the local people for aiming the village where storks fly. I hope that they as a whole district can think about the nature. And their activity to aim the village where storks can live comfortably will be spread to many other places.


From the TV program, "PR for Fukui", broadcasted on June 29th,2014.
It is reprinted with permission from Fukui Prefecture (Subtitles and descriptions by GEN)

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