Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui


World-class Satoyama in Fukui #5 [PR for Fukui]

A week before “SATOYAMA Initiative International Convention 2013 in Fukui”,

the reporter of PR for Fukui, Naoko Matsuda introduces the activities and events conducted by Fukui Prefecture to heighten the momentum for the Initiative International Convention.

In August of 2013, at Mikata Youth House in Wakasa-cho,

“Mikata Five Lakes, Meeting of Children” was held.

Fukui prefectural governor: Issei Nishikawa talks about

how he wants to make an appeal of charms of Fukui’s Satoyama greatly to the world.

One week before and after “SATOYAMA Initiative International Convention 2013 in Fukui”, Fukui Prefecture has a forum for children to present their activities and the achievements of it. A summit in which the professionals who make so much effort to conserve the Satoyama across the country will participate in it will be held as well.


From the TV program [PR for Fukui], broadcasted on June 9th, 2013.

It is reprinted with permission from Fukui Prefecture.

(Subtitled by GEN)

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