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Dinosaur excavation’s history of 25 years [PR for Fukui]



Fukui Prefecture began full-scale excavation research of dinosaur fossils in Kitadani District, Katsuyama City since 1989.
They have conducted research not only in Japan but also in Thailand and China.
As a result, they discovered many valuable fossils such as new three kinds of dinosaur’s fossils.


The year when the special exhibition that is always popular held marks 25 years since they have started excavation in Fukui Prefecture.
So it was a quarter of a century.
After that, the fourth excavation has started and the Open-air Dinosaur Museum opened.
The dinosaur kingdom Fukui is still evolving.


From the TV program [PR for Fukui], broadcasted on July 21st, 2013.
It is reprinted with permisiion from Fukui Prefecture. (Subtitled by GEN)

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