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Demonstration flights at the air show | Japan Air Self-Defense Force's Komatsu Base, September 16th, 2019




Here is the video from the air show held at Japan Air Self-Defense Force's Komatsu Base on September 16th (Monday and a national holiday), 2019. The weather was fine and the Komatsu Base bustled with large crowds of visitors.


F-15J fighter plane (Komatsu Base)


F-16 fighter plane (Misawa Base/The 35th Fighter Squadron)


F-2 fighter plane (Misawa Base/The 3rd Air Wing)


F-4EJ ship fighter plane (Gifu Base/Air Development and Test Wing)


UH-60J rescue helicopter (Komatsu Base)


T-4 Blue Impulse(Matsushima Base/The 4th Air Wing)


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