Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui


A great car of the Heisei era, the Mazda MX-5, gathered in Rokuroshi highlands, and the owners will drive the cars in the Reiwa era as well



The Mazda's convertible sports car MX-5 was born in 1989. Even now over thirty years later, it is still very popular all over the world. There is an organization of MX-5 lovers in Fukui Prefecture as well.


In April, when there was not much time left before the Heisei era ended, the MX-5 lovers gathered in the Rokuroshi highlands in Ono City. Some members came from Ishikawa and Toyama Prefecture. They had a good conversation about future car maintenance etc. (The video is from Fukui Shimbun official YouTube channel)


There was a woman who came with her dog.


The day was sunny and perfect for convertible, the participants enjoyed comfortable driving the MX-5 in the fresh air on the highland.


In the Heisei era, various cars were born such as hybrid ones. In the Reiwa era, which self-driving technology will progress, their MX-5 will continue to run well.

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