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Great Open-air Tea Ceremony in Mt. Asuwa in Fukui City



On April 26th, a great tea ceremony was held in Mt. Asuwa located near the center of Fukui City. It's a big event that 14 schools respectively set up open-air tea ceremony seats. Since as many as 5,000 people visit the tea ceremony, it's the grand occasion to show the results of daily practice for peole who learn tea ceremony from beginners to experts. A participant says "I get nervous to serve tea in front of a lot of visitors but concentrate on serving with the concept of meeting only once in a lifetime." You can enjoy formal powdered green tea casually under the blue sky, and you will be amazed at how delicious normal green tea is when it's served carefully from the heart. Normally the Mt. Asuwa is a quiet walking trail, but it was alive with many people who came to enjoy green tea that day.

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