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Walking around the places associated with Kimimasa Yuri [PR for Fukui]



Kimimasa Yuri was born in the present Fukui City and contributed to the fiscal reconstruction of Fukui Domain from the late Edo Period to the Meiji Period.
In the new Meiji government, he made a draft of the Charter Oath of Five Articles,
which was set out the basic policy of government. And he played a large role for
the foundation of the financial base and issued the first bills of the new government.


Recently, the square of Kimimasa Yuri was completed at the foot of Saiwai Bridge crossing the Asuwa River. The bronze statue of Kimimasa Yuri was in Fukui City Central Park before,
now it was relocated into this square.

There is the sight of his residence near the square.


From the TV program [PR for Fukui], broadcasted on April 6th, 2014.
It is reprinted with permission from Fukui Prefecture. (Subtitled by GEN)


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