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How to get to Land of Happiness - Bhutan Museum from JR Fukui Station through Fukui Castle ruins


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We will guide you to the only Bhutan Museum in Japan from JR Fukui Station, where is Fukui’s front entrance. In this video, we stopped by at a few places, but generally it is
12, 13-minute walk to the museum.


The bronze statues of Kimimasa Yuri and Shonan Yokoi

We stopped by the Uchibori Park, where has the bronze statues of Kimimasa Yuri and Shonan Yokoi.


Fukui Castle ruins

Here are the Gohonjo-bashi Bridge and the stone wall.
Fukui prefectural office was built at the castle site.


The Bhutanese flag

The Bhutanese flag is hanging at the entrance of the Bhutan Museum.
It is the national flag which has the most complex pattern in the world.


The exterior of Bhutan Museum

Here is the exterior of the Bhutan Museum, where is diagonal from Fukui District Court.
The outer wall of the first and second floors the museum is located is painted like temples
in Bhutan.



NPO Land of Happiness Bhutan Museum

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