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Rediscover the charms of Fukui City | Fukui Color ‘Shakudani-ishi’ stone


Local PR

This video was created by Fukui City.
The video series introduces the sceneries, traditional culture and food of Fukui City
with Japanese traditional colors.


‘Shakudani-ishi’ stone had been mined in Mt. Asuwa since a long time ago. Although now they have no longer been mined, the unique and blueish stone is beautiful and easy to process, so it had been valued since old times. When you walk around the the town, you can see the ‘Shakudani-ishi’ here and there. It is familiar stone for the citizens of Fukui City.


In this video, they visited a remain of the quarries where even local people don't have much chance to see.


It is reprinted with permission from Fukui City 

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