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Promotional video of Awara, "My Town" AWARA HAPPY FILM


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Here is the promotional video of Awara, "My Town" AWARA HAPPY FILM

which was provided by Awara City tourism association.


picture of the main chaacter that is a dog in the movie

The beautiful views, climate, nature of Awara are introduced in this short movie

from the perspective of a dog. The movie production of this one was started

from the audition for the main character, a clever dog. The cute voice of the dog

sounds very comforting, too.


Mitsutoshi Tanaka, who was nominated for the 39th Japan Academy Prize for

Best Director, took one year to make the omnibus movie that was set mainly

in the only hot spring resort in Fukui Prefecture, Awara Onsen.

This is one of the omnibus movie, that consists of four short movies.


drums at Kanazu festival

There are always nice events and foods that people can enjoy in Awara City,

Fukui Prefecture through the four seasons. During spring time, people enjoy

running marathon or taking a walk. In summer, there's Kanazu Festival

in which a large figure on a float marches throughout the town.



Awara hot spring water splashing festival

There's another exciting event in summer. The hot spring water splashing festival

called "Awara Yukake Matsuri (Awara hot spring water splashing festival)".

It is held on August 9th. August 9th can be pronounced as "Waku" in Japanese.

"Waku" means something like hot spring bubbles up. The festival is held to appreciate

for the hot spring in Awara hot spring resort and to wish for it to continue forever.



four women look excited to see a large Echizen Crab

Autumn is the season of the fresh buckwheat soba noodles. And best of all,

people enjoy having crabs during winter time!! Relaxing in hot spring bath and

having crabs in Awara hot spring resort is one of the best experiences anyone

can have in winter.



It is reprinted with permission from Awara City tourism association.

(English subtitled by GEN)

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