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Rediscover the charms of Fukui City | Fukui Color ‘Cherry blossoms’


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This video was created by Fukui City.
The video series introduces the sceneries, traditional culture and food of Fukui City with Japanese traditional colors.


Cherry blossoms at Sakura Street
‘Sakura(cherry blossoms) Street’ running in east-west direction in Fukui City.
As shown by its name, it is decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.


Cherry blossoms at Asuwa River
Night cherry blossoms at Asuwa River
The long and graceful line of cherry trees lining the Asuwa River in full bloom is
a treasure of Fukui.
However, most of the cherry trees are about to reach the end of their lifespan.
The cherry trees of the Asuwa River continue to be protected
by the caring hands of the people of Fukui, in the hopes of preserving.


*It is reprinted with permission from Fukui City.

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