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Echizen Kaga religious culture road ”Eiheiji Town”


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The history of religion, which has been at the side of joy and sadness taking a long time, became a big road called culture and still continues to stretch into the future.
In March 2014, the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line extended to Kanazawa.
This video was produced for the opening of Kanazawa Station.
Under the theme of religious culture resource in Echizen Kaga region, Awara City,
Sakai City, Katsuyama City, Eiheiji Town and Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture cooperated together and proceeded to produce a video.
The narration was provided by Tomoro Taguchi, who is known for NHK documentary program ”Project X". Please listen to his quiet narration and experience the sublime air at The Grand Head Temple of the Soto sect, Eiheiji Temple.


The quaint tablet with the word "All right" in Tokyo Station's stationmaster's office was written by a Zen master, Egyoku Hata, who was the 76th chief abbot of the Grand Head Temple Eiheiji Temple.


Eiheiji Temple is a place of ascetic practice for Zen, where was opened by Dogen in 1244.
The ascetic monks spend each day doing nothing but washing their faces, Zen sitting meditation in the morning and evening, Buddhist religious services, eating meals and working.


'Shikan Taza' means doing sitting meditation patiently. The teaching is that reflecting on yourself and awakening your body born as a human is a part of nature. Abandoning boundary, it is Zen training.


*This video is reprinted with permission from Eiheiji Town. (Subtitled by GEN)

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