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Promotional video of Awara, "The Wind Dance" AWARA HAPPY FILM


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Here is the promotional video of Awara, "The Wind Dance" AWARA HAPPY FILM

which was provided by Awara City Tourism Association.


How the time in Awara passes is like refreshing breeze blows through the city.

This short movie is about biking around the Awara City to look for the spot for

making a wish for the success of love that everyone is talking about.


Mitsutoshi Tanaka, who was nominated for the 39th Japan Academy Prize for

Best Director, took two years to make the omnibus movie that was set mainly

in the only hot spring resort in Fukui Prefecture, Awara Onsen.

This is one of the omnibus movie, that consists of four short movies.



Awara Yumeguruma windmills

Awara City is known for hot springs. Beside the hot springs, there are other

recommendable places to visit and/or see. "Yume-guruma" windmill is one of them.



Junko's classmate is telling her about the Awara Yumeguruma and the success of love

Junko's classmate tells her about what everyone talks about

the "Yume-guruma" windmill. It is said that if someone sees

the Yume-guruma at a special spot, he or she succeeds in love.



Junko is counting the Awara Yuemeguruma windmills and her upperclassman

Let's see if Junko can find the spot.

She will look for it riding bike around the Awara City so you can enjoy

watching the sightseeing spots in Awara City as well as the story.



*It is reprinted with permission from Awara City Tourism Association.

(English subtitled by GEN)

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