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Home of bond, Echizen Ono-Another name of Ono City, Fukui Prefecture -


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Castle in the sky Echizen Ono Castle
The fantastic Echizen Ono Castle appears in the sea of clouds.
It is known as a “Castle in the sky” and a lot of cameramen came to capture the view.


Hongan shozu
Hongan shozu is designated a national natural treasure as the southern boundary
of the habitat of three-spined stickleback lives in fresh water.


Teramachi street
Teramachi street are lined with many temples among Ono City, a castle town, where was constructed on a grid. It has a quiet and calm atmosphere.


Shichiken Morning Market
Shichiken Morning Market, which has been continuing since the Edo period.
It is a place for exchange not only for tourists but also for local people.


Hangesho whole grilled mackerel
In Ono City, there is a custom that they eat a whole grilled mackerel on Hangesho
(the eleventh day after the Sumemr solstice).


Karikomi Ike Pond in autumn
In autumn, when the leaves change color, many hikers visit Karikomi Ike Pond.
The colored leaves reflected on the surface of the mirror-smooth water are bright.


big hina dolls
During “Echizen Ono Doll’s Festival”, in which messengers tell of the arrival of spring in Ono City, a lot of hina dolls from the Edo period to today are on display.


*The video is reprinted with permission from Ono City.

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