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World-class Satoyama in Fukui #2 [PR for Fukui]

Fukui Prefecture introduces “World-class Satoyama in Fukui”

every month in series. In this video, she introduces the activities which

elementary schools in Fukui conduct to protect Satochi-Satoyama areas of Fukui.

At Ichijo Elementary School in Fukui City, they conduct various activities throughout

the year to protect Satochi-Satoyama as part of learning with nature of Ichijo District.

Fukui Prefecture chose elementary schools which put much effort into conservation

activities as model schools for promotion of establishing “Satochi-Satoyama Club”

and the Ichijo Elementary School is one of the model schools.


One of the students who checked how clean the water in Ichijo-dani River is said that

“I checked cleanness of the water and what kind of creatures lived in the water.

I want to protect the clean river by not throwing garbage away into it.”

She seems that she is developing the sense of caring the nature.



From the TV program [PR for Fukui], broadcasted on May 19th, 2013.

It is reprinted with permission from Fukui Prefecture.

(Subtitled by GEN)

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