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Places to see in Ono City | Samurai residence: Former Tamura family residence

The former Tamura family residence is a building that was dismantled and restored the main building of Matazaemon Tamura, who served as the chief retainer of the Ono Domain at the end of the Edo Period and opens to the public. This samurai residence was built in the early modern period, which is rare even in Fukui Prefecture. The miniature hill in the garden was made of the earthen walls that built along the outer moat of the Ono Castle. The earthen walls were made to defend against the invasion of enemies by Nagachika Kanamori, who built the Ono Castle. This is the only place where the earthen wall remains.


The main building, the storehouse, and the garden of the samurai residence, former Tamura family residence.


It is said that after being burned down in 1827, nearby farmhouse was relocated and was reconstructed as a samurai residence.


The immaculate tatami room is like a samurai residence.


The miniature hill in the garden is the only remaining of the earthen wall along the outer moat of the Ono Castle.


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