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Sacred spot of haiku: Konpukuji Temple, Kyoto City


Shrines and Temples

Bashoan (the hut in which Basho stayed)


The Konpukuji Temple is a temple of the Rinzai sect located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Sakyo Ward of Kyoto City. There is the Bashoan, the hut in which Basho Matsuo stayed. Basho was closely acquainted with a Zen priest Tesshu in the Genroku Period. The temple could be called a sacred spot of haiku, because there are also several graves and poem monuments of modern haiku poets including Buson Yosa. And, Takajo Murayama, who was the heroine of the NHK's first period drama "The Life of Flowers", stayed as a nun for
14 years from the end of the Edo Period to the Meiji Period, until she passed away.
The belongings of Buson Yosa and Takajo Murayama are displayed in the main hall.

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