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Gotanjoji Temple, which is well known as "Cats' temple" in Echizen City


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Appearance of Gotanjoji

I came over to a temple known as a cat temple. It is Gotanjoji Temple which is Soto sect one and an ascetic practice place. Its name comes from the fact that this place is the birth place of Keizan, the founder of Sojiji Temple in Yokohama City. This temple is a relatively-new one because it was built in 2009.


Cats at meals

Although they did not originally enshrine cats, the cats have increased in number since the chief priest took in an abandoned cat in the precincts more than ten years ago. And the temple came to be called a cat temple. It has become a popular healing spot for cat lovers.


On the Internet, some people say it is like Paradise. You can spend for hours relaxing to see the cats. By the way, the cat “Yoda" we call has actual name “Leo". It's cool! The priests and the ascetic monks are taking care of the cats. They feed them, give them medical treatment for cats with disease or injured and spay them. Also, they are looking for foster parents for the abandoned cats through their blog and Facebook. They desire cats' happiness. Recently, I heard one piece of happy news, which a cat had gone missing from the temple and it was taken in a house far from there, the family decided to keep the cat despite it has disease.


Please visit the temple. I'm sure it will heal your mind. However, please be careful not to give stress the cats such as chasing them. Then, the cats are coming to you!


Cats holding a meeting

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