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Autumn Leaves in Tofukuji Temple [4K], Kyoto 2017


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*It is provided by 4K KAWATE, who has uploaded a lot of beautiful 4K videos based on the theme "sightseeing and event in Kansai area that are accessible by public transport".

Tofukuji Temple in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City was built in 1236 and it was flourished during the middle ages and in the modern era. And the temple is a Zen temple with 25 sub-temples. 4K KAWATE created a beautiful 4K video of the scenery of the temple's precinct which is known as one of the best spots for viewing autumn leaves.


Tofukuji's precinct and Tsuten Bridge filled with many visitors
Autumn leaves at the precinct of Tofukuji Temple and Tsutenkyo Bridge with full of visitors

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