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Kida-jinja Shrine | Kami (gods) spot


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Kida-jinja Shrine is located in Kyonan District, adjacent to the south of the central Fukui City. It has a new shrine pavilion that was rebuilt recently, but in fact, it is an old shrine with over 1100 years of history in this place. It enshrines Takehaya Susanoo no Mikoto and Inada Hime no Mikoto as main enshrined deities. The shrine is believed to have efficacy for expelling evil and protection from a plague, and it has gained people's faith. Also, in the precinct, there is Seimei-jinja Shrine enshrining Seimei Abe, who is famous as a yin-yang master. It is worshipped as a god of fire prevention.


Having a view of the new shrine pavilion rebuilt in 2017


The urban area extends around the shrine.


"Votive cow" , which is believed that if you rub it, your wish comes true.


Seimei-jinja Shrine in the precinct is worshipped as a god of fire prevention.


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