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Echizen-no-kuni Ninomiya Tsurugi-jinja Shrine|Kami (gods) spot


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Produced by Fukui Prefectural Kami (gods) spot promotion association, GEN Japan
Photograph provided by Echizen-cho Ota Cultural History Museum


Tsurugi-jinja Shrine is in Ota, Echizen-cho in Fukui Prefecture and it has long history since before the Nara period (710-794). This area is as known as the place of origin of the Oda clan. Oda clan was a family of a feudal lord of Japan who was a large landowner in the mid 16th century.


Since the ancestors of the Oda clan were Shinto priests, Nobunaga Oda (1534-1582) who was a powerful feudal lord of Japan in the late 16th century strongly believed and protected Tsurugi-jinja Shrine as a guardian spirit.


 the woods of Tsurugi-jinja Shrine
Tsurugi-jinja Shrine in Ota, Echizen-cho, Fukui Prefecture
The woods around the shrine have been believed as a sacred area.


The precinct of Tsurugi-jinja Shrine
As you enter the Otorii (big gate), you can see Haiden (the hall of worship) standing in the north side.
You can also see Mt. Kuraga-dake which is supposed to be the origin of Tsurugi-jinja Shrine.


Tsurugi-jinja Shrine seen from the flying drone
The one in the front is the Haiden (the hall of worship) which was built in the end of Edo period (1600-1868)(Cultural Property designated by Prefecture).
The one in the back is Honden (the main hall) which was built in the beginning of the Edo Period(1600-1868).


Omokaruishi Stone (checking to see if the man's wish comes true or not)
Omokaruishi Stone is in the Haiden
Make a wish in front of the stone and pick up the stone. If the stone feels lighter than you expected, your wish will come true, and if it feels heavier, your wish will unlikely to come true.


Ota Cultural History Museum
Echizen-cho Ota Cultural History Museum

The museum is located at the north side of the shrine. You can see the bell (national treasure) and valuable materials such as ancient documents that the shrine possesses at the museum.

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