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Visiting Nokishita Studios in the village of Echizen lacquerware in Kawada district, Sabae City



The Nokishita Studios is the name of skilled craftsmen group who are working on lacquer craftworks in Kawada district, Sabae City.
We visited four craftmen’s workplaces from among the group.
Remarks : “Nokishita” means space under the eaves.



Nokishita studios Mr.Yuki Otobe


Woodwork professional and wooden basis production | Otobe woodwork factory

Mr. Yuki Otobe


Nokishita studios Mr. Shoichi Hatakenaka

Master of lacquering | Mr. Shoichi Hatakenaka, who is good at ancient vamillion colored lacquering.


Nokishita studios Mr. Masatoshi Morita

Younger expert on Makie (gold lacquer) | Mr. Masatoshi Morita

Makie studio M


Nokishita studio Mr.Shoji Kinkori

Lacquerer, Mr. Shoji Kinkori, who makes durable base coat that is a tradition in Kawada

Kinkori lacquerware shop



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