Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui


Indigo blue and light blue Exhibition | Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery, June 28th-July 15th, 2019



Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery is being held the exhibition of various kinds of works featured summerlike "Indigo blue and light blue." Please enjoy the cool blue world by the eleven artists.


The works of stone powder clay and Japanese paper made in Fukui


Unique works of pottery



  • Lacquer Craftwork Fuji (lacquerware)
  • Ichikawa Glass Factory (glassware)
  • Izumi Okuno (glassware)
  • Daidai (pottery)
  • Yoshihiro Kimura (pottery)
  • Kaori Saito (painting)
  • Masao Ishikawa (plant dyeing)
  • Omari Moriishi (stone powder clay and Japanese paper made in Fukui)
  • Yukari Mouri (pottery)
  • Masato Omori (pottery)
  • Michiyo Yamamura (cloisonne)

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