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Exhibition “Jet-black color and starry sky” | Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery, March 6th-22nd, 2020



The exhibition of lacquerware and photographs “Jet-black color and starry sky” is being held from March 6th to 22nd at the gallery Fukui Kougeisha in the center of Fukui City. This is an exhibition of Echizen lacquerware company TRAD, which has an exhibition here at this time every year, and Hideyuki Kato, an astronomical expert and curator of Fukui City Museum of Natural History. It is the first time for Mr. Minowa, who experienced several exhibitions with different materials, to display with photographs. I heared that he was confused at first, but when I saw the exhibition, I found the photographs of the starry sky and the jet-black lacquerware were in harmony with each other very naturally.


The gallery


The display in the center of the gallery
The stars reflected on the surface of plain orthodox lacquerware


Lacquerware with lacquer work of constellation


There are constellations of all birth months


Amazed at how many stars can be seen in Fukui


There are photographs of starry sky with flowers, a fall, and a cow

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