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Echizen Washi (Japanese paper made in Fukui) Paper Crafts "Twilight Safari" | Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery, July 19th-August 19th, 2019



The exhibition of "Echizen Washi (Japanese paper made in Fukui) Paper Crafts 'Twilight Safari'" by a formative artist and paper craft modeler, Hidenobu Naito of Godzilla studio, was held at Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery. In the gallery, the realistic giraffe and elephant paper crafts are displayed, and in the observation hut in the middle of the gallery, there was a gimmick "opposite telescope." I interviewed Mr. Naito, the creator of the paper crafts and the observation hut.


Ryo Tokisato designed the realistic animals.


The entire gallery and Mr. Naito

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