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Echizen Bamboo Doll Village Part1 - Making Eiheiji Temple Monk -



Sam from Australia and Shennel from the USA, they both live in Fukui and both were always interested in seeing and making Japanese traditional crafts. They participated in a special one-day experience being a disciple of a bamboo doll artisan at Echizen Bamboo Doll Village in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. They experienced cutting bamboo trees, dry them and making bamboo dolls with the guidance from Mr.Uchida, the master of making bamboo dolls. In this video (Part1), they make a Eiheiji Temple monk.


making experience of  bamboo dolls at Echizen Bamboo Doll Village

They look serious making the dolls.


bamboo dolls of Eiheiji's monk

The dolls of Unsui (itinerant Buddhist monk of Eiheiji Temple) which they made.

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