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The secret of making bamboo dolls at Echizen Bamboo Doll Village



Echizen Bamboo Doll Village

We visited Echizen Bamboo Doll Village in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.
The director and a bamboo doll creator Mr. Morota explained us about the secret of making bamboo dolls.

types of bamboo

They use madake bamboo mainly for bamboo dolls and also use mousou bamboo partially as needed.

bamboo doll artisan Mr. Uchida

worn-down chisel

Mr. Uchida has been making bamboo dolls for 45 yeas.
As bamboo is harder than normal wood, his chisel is worn-down.

cutting bamboo thin

Another artisan explained us about the technique for cutting bamboo thin to less than 0.2mm.
One of the main features of Echizen bamboo dolls is realistic bamboo hair.

rabbit doll she made

A family from South Korea were experiencing of making bamboo dolls and she showed us the twelve zodiac sign doll of the Rabbit she made.

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