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Echizen Bamboo Doll Village Part2 -Learning the basics of bamboo craft-



Sam from Australia and Shennel from the USA, they both live in Fukui, Japan. They participated in a special one-day experience being a disciple of a bamboo doll artisan at Echizen Bamboo Doll Village in Fukui. They cut bamboo trees, conducted Aburanuki (bamboo curing) and made bamboo dolls with the guidance from Mr.Uchida, the master of making bamboo dolls.
In this video(Part2) they cut out the bamboo trees from the bamboo forest and learned the basics of bamboo crafts.


cut a bamboo in the forest

First, cut out the bamboo trees from the bamboo forest which is located right outside of the bamboo doll studio.


make a bamboo toy

After conducting Aburanuki (bamboo curing), chopping the bamboo tree, shaving it to know the basics about the bamboo, they made bamboo helicopters.

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