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Daily life tool exhibition at Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery, June 1st-June 17th, 2018



The "Daily life tool exhibition" is being held from June 1st (Fri) to June 17th (Sun), 2018 at Fukui Kougeisha Craft Gallery.
At the exhibition, the works by the craft artists and studios who are active in the genres such as pottery, lacquerware, woodwork, glassware and Echizen Washi (Japanese paper made in Fukui) in Fukui are exhibited. The easy-to-use works in everyday life and the goods which could enrich your mind, by different artists from last exhibition, are lined up.


Craft artists and studios who exhibited

Kinosato Studio
Mr.Yoshihiro Kimura
Echizen Washi (Japanese paper made in Fukui)
Igarashi Seishi Co., Ltd.
Ichikawa Glass Factory
Nakano Co., Ltd.


The exhibition gallery


Woodworking toys


Potteries with iron brushwork


Uchiwa fans made of Japanese paper with characters of a picture book writer from Fukui, Satoshi Kako


Cool glassware is good for the hot season.


Modern lacquerware made with a traditional technique


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